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‘Miracle’ seeds


It’s almost time to plant your garden seeds! I admire you green-thumb people. I am not blessed in that area. In fact my husband found the perfect flower pot for me. Painted on the side were the words, “Next Victim.” I did have to laugh out loud because it’s so true.

This week, I had the opportunity to follow the Boone County Adult Leadership and Youth Leadership around for Agriculture Day. I enjoyed the whole day but really enjoyed the tiny, tiny green bits of lettuce growing in squishy cubes in the Northark Greenhouse. I learned they are an “Oasis Rootcubes growing medium which is an engineered hydrophilic foam specifically designed for optimal callus and rapid root development. This cutting propagation medium was designed specifically with the perfect balance of air and water to encourage plant growth and get unrooted cuttings off to a strong start.”

Wow, I wonder if that would work for me? The horticulture staff and students at Northark watch over the baby lettuce cubes in the “nursery”  and when they have three leaves peaking out from the cube, they transfer them (cube and all) to another location. In just a few weeks they become beautiful fresh lettuce leaves which become delicious salads at Neighbor’s Mill and the College Grill.

According to the internet, “Seeds have some basic parts in common. Every seed has a protective coat, some stored food, and an embryo that is the beginning of a new plant. Most seed embryos have a tiny root (radicle), a stem (plumule), and one or more leaf-like parts called cotyledons.”

I also found this fun fact about seeds. “Seeds have all that they need to germinate and grow into a little plant, given the right environmental conditions: moisture, oxygen and warmth. They literally contain the food needed to fuel the plant's growth — they are pretty much the definition of nutrient density, with a rich store of protein, oils and starches.”

Can you guess what my devotion was about today? Paul is speaking to the church in Corinth and they are having some problems. In I. Corinthians the teacher said they were believers who had stopped growing. The church was full of jealousy, strife and division. They had been justified with Christ, but were not being convicted of their daily sins —  sanctified as some say. If you are a believer that won’t keep you out of Heaven, but it makes for a miserable daily life. The Holy Spirit is trying to convict, and they refuse to listen.

Paul explains that we each “plant.”  We should also “water.” (That’s where I mess up with real plant life. Too much or too little —  they tend to not care for that treatment. Picky plants!!!) Paul notes that we can plant and water, but it is God who gives the increase.

That little powerful seed is packed with everything it needs to grow. Babies grow so fast … and eventually become children and before you know it a few years have passed and they give you grandchildren. (The best!!!) But it’s so sad to see a child who is unable to grow properly. The same thing happens when a church member refuses to grow. They are missing out on so much. And their friends and family need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

So how do we grow? We spend time nourishing our hearts in God’s Word. Listen to encouraging music. Read encouraging books. The old saying is still true, “Garbage in … garbage out.” We only get one life. We can only do so much with our family, friends and congregations. It’s up to God to give the increase. We do our part … plant and water (lots of prayers) and then watch the Master Gardener do a miracle. A good friend recently saw a 30-year old prayer answered. The friend never stopped praying for this special family and reminded the rest of us to keep it up, too.

Sure I wish our communities’ churches were busting the seams of our buildings with lots of new growth. Maybe some are … but maybe some, but it’s with one blessing at a time. But it’s not up to me, the PW, or even the pastor. It’s up to the Master Gardner. Hey, I just realized Pastor’s Wife (PW) could also stand for plant and water! So we are all PWs!!! Get the bucket brigade going. You don’t want to miss watching the Master Gardener grow miracles.


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