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News from Capps


Greetings from Capps. I have to admit, it's felt more like Siberia for the last two weeks. Coming from 30 years in Colorado, we are used to a lot of snow but after a few days it usually warms up and melts off the roads and driveways. Here, as of Monday, we've had about six inches of snow but the cold has been the real issue. There's been a lot of folks with frozen pipes and dead car batteries. There have been some very short power outages but no serious interruptions, thank the Lord. Most of the church services were canceled last weekend but we did have a morning service out at Batavia. Capps Batavia Fire had a few calls, people kept smelling natural gas down by Highway 392 and 397 and we had a structure fire assistance request from Omaha early Monday morning that got canceled. The small amount of firefighting I've been involved with in frigid temperatures has presented some big challenges. Our regularly scheduled training meeting and gear inventory will be this Monday night at the Capps Firehouse. The cold weather has been tough for livestock also. We only have chickens, guineas and goats but even with good shelters and heated waterers, they have trouble staying warm. Well, hopefully by the time we're all reading this edition of the Times, warmer, sunnier days will have arrived and the Polar Vortex will have receded back to the Arctic Circle where it belongs. Blessings, Doug



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