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‘Oreo Cows’ come to Harrison


Traffic often slows down at the corner of Bunker and Cottonwood Road because drivers are watching the cows. They are so unique and different. The cows look like an Oreo cookie … or some say they look like they have blankets on them when it’s cold.

But in reality, these “Oreo Cows” are really Belted Galloways and were hand picked from herds in Wisconsin and Illinois to live at Shepherd Valley Ranch.

Jeff, Kristina and their son, Keenan Crowl did a lot of research before they decided to go with this breed. “This breed is known for their high quality meat, and we thought they were cute, too.” she said. 

The Belted Galloway Society wrote, “Whether grain or grass finished, heritage Belted Galloways or “Belties” produce a tender, flavorful beef that is simply better than the rest.”

“Belties are an ancient breed of Galloway cattle that are rugged, efficient and able to convert a wide range of forages into delicious meat. Galloway breeds date back more than half a century and are the original gourmet beef,” Jeff said.

The “Oreo Cow'' has a distinctive black coat and thick white stripe which wraps around its center. The small but hardy heritage breed originated in southwestern Scotland where it is celebrated for its taste.

Kristina said they are a very gentle breed and calf easy. “They are good momma’s, too,” she said.

Belted Galloways come in three varieties of colors. The traditional black and white, red and white and dun (brown) and white. “We had a red and white bull born who had a red dad and granddad. But he’s turned darker now and isn’t as red,” she said. “There was also a red and white female born to the herd and she is redder than he is.”

All the females are registered and Kristina enjoys giving each one a name. Keenan can tell them apart by their “belt” and the shape of their face. Kristina admits she often looks at the tag to make sure.

If interested in purchasing, message the family on the Shepherd Valley Ranch on Facebook.


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