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Rock Haven Bible Camp hosts reunion


The Rock Haven Bible Camp reunion is always scheduled for the Sunday following Independence Day. The date of the reunion is important because it is the kick-off to our camp season, which begins the following week. It is an opportunity to gather with former campers, workers, staff, and missionaries for the reunion and reminisce about the good ole days of ministry from the time the camp was on the Buffalo River to where it is presently in Hasty.
This year the reunion was held on July 9, and when we were planning for the reunion, we knew we wanted to bring some of the historical items those attending the reunion would enjoy seeing, some for the very first time. We have the very first newsletter that was published in 1947 that was sent to the mission supporters to let them know how the ministry was going in Newton County, Arkansas. This item was one of the highlights of the reunion along with some of the medical instruments the ladies used as midwives and nurses. We kept the tradition of having special music and a guest speaker alive this year by having the Naff Family Singers provide music and speaker Hunter Guynn who gave a wonderful message and challenge from God’s Word about the legacy the camp ministry Rock Haven has and how important it is for each of us to continue to build on that legacy.
Reunions like this are important because they remind us of how God works in each of our lives. It is such a joy to set around and listen to the older saints share their stories of ministry from many years ago. We had folks that were at the reunion that attended camp when it was on the Buffalo River, and we had folks that were in the cabins the first year the camp was opened at its current location in 1984.

In years past, it was standing room only for the Rock Haven Reunion and because of the COVID years this was our first big gathering since July 2019. We could have possibly squeezed a few more people into the chapel this year but not many more would have fit very comfortably. In April when we started planning and visioning for this year’s reunion, we were optimistically hopeful and prayerfully planning for a large turnout for the reunion. If the many different conversations going on around the tables as we shared a meal together, or the smiling faces and happy tears as people who have not seen each other in a couple of years, or the toe tapping, hand clapping to the singing of the Naff family is any indication of whether the reunion was a success, then I would say it was a huge success. I know the mission staff at Rock Haven Bible Camp was thrilled with having everyone back to visit with and to remind each other why the Bible Camp exists — to share the Gospel with the campers and to show them the love of Christ while they are at the camp.
Rock Haven Bible Camp is located on Hwy 123 in Hasty, in beautiful Newton County. Please go to rockhavenbiblecamp.org for more information.


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