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With the passing of our Queen


Editor’s Note: Tom and Gail Gritts serve as Baptist Bible Fellowship International missionaries to England. Gail is an author and wrote these thoughts about Queen Elizabeth after her death.

Elizabeth George wrote, "Nothing has just randomly happened to put you where you are. God has a plan in it all."

We can be sure, and scripture affirms, that God places people where He wants them according to His plan. So when that first little girl was born to King George VI, her life was already destined for the throne. And, she came to leadership very early, but that was also by God's hand.

Before you wag your tongue or have a negative thought, remember that God places everyone in position, family, and circumstance according to His design. You are who you are and where you are by God's plan, and so was she.

Since her passing, television has been full of documentaries and commentaries on her life. And with each one, thankfulness has been expressed for how she carried out her role. She has been an excellent example of accepting responsibility and fulfilling duty.

When Elizabeth George wrote, she was not thinking of the Queen, but as I looked back at some notes I had taken, I see how these four things she advised aptly apply. If we accept that nothing just randomly puts us where we are, but God has a plan, we will recognize that the good times and the bad go together. Nothing is outside His control. Our part is to live out what God places before us so His name is glorified. Here are Elizabeth George's four points.

First, we must be willing to acknowledge God's hand. He is the one who designs and controls our lives. We were made by Him and created on purpose. We are not here by chance. And God works all things together for our good and for His purpose.

Then, we must work within what God has given us. She calls it blooming. We bloom where we are planted as we develop our lives using our God-given talents, abilities, and resources. The goal is to make a good life and to be a benefit to those around us. We are to make things better where we are. We certainly cannot make things better where we are not, so wishing for a different set of circumstances or to be someone different is a waste of energy. Instead, we are wisest to receive what God has given us and do our best. 

I have found that when I accept who I am and content myself that I am perfectly designed for what God wants to accomplish in my life, I am more thankful, productive, and creative. We can certainly see these qualities in the late Queen. She accepted her God-given role and used her entire life to fulfill it, saying, "I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take the long view, to give of my best in all that the day brings, and to put my trust in God."

As Christians, we are not left alone to work this all out. We have the promises of God to claim, scripture for directives, and the Spirit of God to point us to the truth. Queen Elizabeth spoke many times about her faith and reliance upon God. We cannot judge her heart, but her actions reveal a woman of faith.

Finally, Elizabeth George says we should do something useful. We are not here to simply fill space or be takers. We are here to give, to serve God and others. The first two commandments teach us precisely that. Love God, and love others. 

Dear friend, with the passing of our Queen, we would all do well to examine our own lives. Do we understand God placed us here for a purpose? Do we make it our life's goal to improve things around us, to make life better? Are we blooming where we are planted? Are we claiming the promises of God and relying on Him in all we do? And are we actively loving and serving God? Finally, are we genuinely loving others?

A - Acknowledge God's Hand

B - Bloom where you are.

C - Claim and concentrate on the promises of God

D - Do something useful - serve God and others

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