I played in a celebrity golf tournament in Oklahoma City a while back.  Now, I’ve been to a few celebrity team ropings, a couple celebrity stock dog trials, a million brandings and one celebrity rock pickin’ — but this was my first celebrity golf tournament.  Generous people paid a lot of mo… Read more

"Here we are friends, on the Serengeti Plains in the wilds of Serengeti." As the crowd leans in closer to the television we see the swaying Boab trees ... an endless sea of grass waving off into the horizon. We hear the quiet buzz of Tsetse flies humming strains of ‘Baby Elephant Walk.’ Just… Read more

Over the years I have gotten to know, or meet or hang out with, what I call ‘famous people.’ From movie stars, politicians, world champions, athletes, writers and moguls. Often it was just circumstance. Other times it was an intentional connection.  Like being invited to be on ABC’s first Do… Read more