The first week of August I was haulin’ a load of cows to the sale. We hadn’t had rain for five weeks and my pasture was pretty sorry. I’d been feedin’ hay for two weeks. Along the highway I could see houses on either side. Most had green lawns. It occurred to me ‘Somethin’ is wrong with this… Read more

FAYETTEVILLE — Jeff Miller, professor of agricultural communications in the University of Arkansas’ Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences, has been elected treasurer by the national membership of the Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Reso… Read more

The latest statistics show that less then 2% of the population is directly involved in production agriculture. It is a function of an increasing overall population and a limited amount of farm ground. Technology is able to keep up, so that less bodies are required to produce an ever increasi… Read more

I’ve always sorta figgered the reason there is more cowboy poetry than there is farmer poetry has to do with horses. Most cowboy poetry is about wrecks. One person plus one cow equals a wreck now and then. One person plus one cow plus one horse equals a wreck every time!  But then farmers di… Read more

Seems like I ride a lot of borrowed horses. At folks’ ranches or trail rides, ropings or brandings they mount me ‘cause I’m usually a long way from home. I often bring my own saddle. They offer to lend me a saddle as well, but I decline for personal reasons. Sometimes it’s the only way I can… Read more

The true army worm can be a serious pest for pastures, hayfields and seed production fields reducing both forage availablity, hay yields and seeds production. Damage can appear almost overnight and infestations can be easily overlooked when the caterpillars are small and eating very little.  Read more