We’ve all been faced with challenges that really feel impossible. Or maybe it’s been a life-long dream of yours that feels impossible. Today my Bible reading was the story of David and Goliath. Most people have heard of the young shepherd boy and the fierce, war hero and giant, Goliath. Read more

It started out as a major battle for Jason. It turned out to be a major blessing for someone else. Jason’s symptoms were a mild cough, congestion, then headaches. Fever, body aches, and shortness of breath followed. By mid-March the test showed he had coronavirus. He isolated himself for ten… Read more

As many years as I’ve walked with the Lord, you’d think I’d be pretty perfect by now. But I feel like the further I go in this journey we call life — that I’m getting worse. After writing that stinky column last week, I ended up having such a stinky day this weekend, I couldn’t stand myself! Read more

I don’t like the FACT that I am aging. Of course when I was 15 I could hardly wait to become 16 so I could drive the family car. Aging was OK back then. And as I think about it, aging should be OK now too, because it only takes me closer and closer to living with Jesus and seeing him in pers… Read more

You know something's up when a friend offers you a piece of candy and then stands there to watch you eat it. Yeah, it happened in our office when a co-worker offered me a piece of sour apple candy with the interesting name "Warheads." I didn't know what that was at the time. That should have… Read more

So many thoughts are swirling around my head today. I really miss working from the office. I really miss all the hugs and well-wishes I receive on Sunday mornings. I miss hearing people sing in God’s house. I miss covering community meetings of business (in person) for the newspaper. Read more

Good things continue to happen, even during this difficult time. I understand parents are a lot more appreciative of all the work public school teachers do for the children of the area! (I heard of some great ‘April Fools Day’ jokes being played on parents instead of teachers!!!) Read more

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Don’t you wish there were times when Jesus would sit down beside you (in the flesh) and let you know what His future plans for you are to be?

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BELLINGHAM, Wash., -- New data from Faithlife Proclaim, a church presentation software from Faithlife, identifies the most-sung worship songs and popular lyrics among churches of all sizes and denominations across the country since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns. The data, gathered between …