Several years ago my good friend Carol Levergood and I made a trip to attend CLASSeminars for writers and speakers taught by Florence Littauer and her daughter Marita. Carol is an accomplished writer and speaker, plus she’s been married to a college professor, a pastor and a missionary —  al… Read more

Up in Maine, where the roads run out, it's logging country. Now, it’s my understanding loggers will tell you that once you get a tree down, the next challenge is getting that big, old log where it's supposed to go — to the mill. So, they use natural power and float those logs right down the … Read more

They were some smart people in the Bible. Well, let me rephrase that. Some people had a lot of intelligence about building and mining precious stones, but some didn’t have the good sense to stay away from the false idols of the enemy countries around them. Read more

I'm sort of an Energizer driver. Though every once in awhile, while driving long distances, I need some help staying alert: music, air, food, especially food. I must confess, though, that carrots and celery are not my idea of an exciting snack to keep going. When we've stopped for gas over t… Read more

It was one of those rock-and-roll airplane flights. No, not the music, but when a flight hits a stretch of serious turbulence. The captain made sure all of us passengers had our seat belts securely fastened, while others began looking for the motion discomfort bag. It looked like dinner was … Read more

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Some days, it seems I’ve lived a whole lifetime a long time ago. I’m thankful for opportunities the Lord has given me.  

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