You know I love to read — actually I do more listening to books, but I love both. In the current series I’m reading, the author’s characters are often quoting scripture. I love that about the authors I choose. I don’t want to be embarrassed if someone reads over my shoulder or picks up my bo… Read more

We get our share of storms where we live, and we've got our share of trees. So, you can probably figure out the rest. After almost every storm, I make the rounds in the yard, and pick up the souvenirs the storm left behind. I haul all those downed branches to my special brush pile place even… Read more

It was a wonderful/awful day in my life — the day my mother took my hand and walked me the two blocks over to Park Manor School in Chicago. It was the day I went to school for the first time. Kindergarten, here I come! It was exciting, but it was hard, too. We didn't do any pre-school stuff … Read more

It's a special thrill for a follower of Jesus Christ to be able to walk where Jesus walked. That's why visiting the Holy Land is a special memory or dream. Years ago, one of America's premier preachers at the time, Dr. Robert G. Lee, visited Israel. Every place was special, but when his tour… Read more

Our daughter-in-law got our then-baby granddaughter off to a great start every day. In fact, if you're in any way related to one of Snow White's seven dwarfs (Grumpy, in particular) or even negative old Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, this baby girl could have helped you. Each morning her mother … Read more

With grandkids normally located in Costa Rica and Florida, it’s a rare privilege when we can get together. God blessed me last week with a last-minute opportunity to babysit two granddaughters while their parents took teenagers to youth camp. Read more

Two hundred and forty-three years old. Our nation really isn’t that old. Of course if you compare it to our expected life time — that’s a while. But when you look at the history of the world, we are still just a toddler nation! Read more

I was in Cincinnati, working on the message I was going to give that night, and I had a wonderful view of the Ohio River out my hotel window. But it wasn't until I talked with an African-American friend that night that I realized the significance of that river in the history of his people's … Read more

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