"The wall." I don't know what you think of when I say that, it could just be the surface you're looking at across the room. Or perhaps it could be the Berlin Wall that used to separate East and West Berlin. Look, forget those. If you're a marathon runner, I'm pretty sure what you think of wh… Read more

Our universe is so huge it’s really indescribable. We have planets and stars so far away, we haven’t even traveled to them yet. It’s only been in the last several years that a telescope was developed that could give us a window into the “far away,” but it still doesn’t reach the “end.” Read more

ALPENA — Through the powerful medium of drama, “The Man From Aldersgate” with BJ Johnston, brings to life John Wesley and his dynamic ministry. Wesley tells how his transformation through faith in Jesus Christ sparked a revival that changed England and America. Read more

I was speaking at this beautiful conference center, and I'd actually been expecting to stay at the inn where the attendees would be, because that's where I've stayed on previous occasions. But this time they gave my wife and me the key to what they called one of their "remote cabins." I aske… Read more

“By today's ministry metrics, Jeremiah is a failure. His audience rejects him, and he despises the job that God has given him. Yet Jeremiah does not quit! When God calls a man into the ministry, it isn't a call to success, but a call to die to success,” Iva May said in the 365 Daily Devotions.  Read more

Why would a teenage girl go swimming in the ocean at night? Nobody knows. Well, we do know she was in serious trouble by the time the rescuers finally rescued her. It was nighttime; there were no lifeguards on duty. We were at Ocean City, New Jersey, and the only people who could help her we… Read more

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It’s been said in the legal world, “Don’t ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.”