Greetings from Capps. Thank the Lord for the much needed rain and cooler temperatures last week. In addition to the fire danger going up, trees were dropping leaves and the ground was very dry. We could still use some more, hopefully it will come soon. I sold 3 young roosters at the Homestea… Read more

Each year on Aug. 9, we celebrate National Book Lovers Day! This date marks a time to celebrate all the wonderful things reading books brings to our lives, reminisce with a favorite book, and explore new stories. Studies show that reading improves your emotional and cognitive intelligence, b… Read more

Vic Porter and Bob Yandian will hold a Leadership Conference at Restoration Life Fellowship Church August 14, 15 and 16. Although it is a Leadership Conference everyone is welcome to attend. The Times will include Friday evening at 7 p.m; three services on Saturday, including 9 a.m., 10:30 a… Read more

Greetings from Capps. Welcome to the ongoing saga of the bear at our place. I was at work last Thursday morning when my wife, Jennifer, called to say that the bear was back and was in the goat barn. I ran home quickly enough to stop his efforts to get into the goat pen. He was determined and… Read more

Congratulations to Gavin Dickey and Kaya Huebner for being named Mr. Tiger and Miss Tiger! Each year this award is presented to senior student athletes who portray great character values, academic achievement and excel in athletics. Gavin & Kaya exemplify all of these standards. Read more

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Today, my daughter Ronda Austin came over for a visit and mowed the yard.