This weather is something else. Last Sunday 70 temps and then down in the 20 I don't like this 2020 weather I'm ready for spring and today suppose to rain.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs winning that was a good game Chief 31, 49ers had 20

it was second time the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Go Chiefs. I never have been so excited for them

and I am not from Kansas.

Kevin Lowe and Sue Lowe went to Branson West Walmart and got some Kansas City shirt and

stuff. My Friday night Bingo night and have supper at Carols Country Diner. Just not interested in going and pay them for their friend to win.

Congratulations to the seeing eye donkey Violet for helping out the cow Molly, the horse Raz out. They live just north of me. I have a blind dog along with two other they are house dog they are no problem. The donkey is so cute and has a good name that was my mother name Violet. I love animal.

I was watching Country tonight and a SDC employee was on there Brad THomas was sit with the Wild Bunch. I told Mike Patrick that I want to sit with the Wild Bunch a few week ago.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day.

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