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His Word, written (the Bible) and Living (Jesus), stands and prevails regardless of a tsunami of present global and governmental rejection. Ignore it at your eternal, as well as, at your earthly peril. 

For here is a truth that is blatant throughout God’s Word: GOD SAYS WHAT HE MEANS; HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS; AND WHAT HE SAYS GOES; unless, of course, because of His patience, long sufferance, and forbearance, He relents because He is first and foremost and above all things, the God of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness.

But His purity, holiness, and righteousness has repeatedly compelled Him to respond to bad behavior throughout history, Israel’s as well as the gentile nations. 

And Paul is clearly in this passage pointing out that behavior contrary to God’s standards, either sooner or later, produces gut wrenchingly bad, cataclysmic, consequences. The Bible is replete with this truth, and God wanted the Corinthians, Israel, and the modern world to be aware; indeed, very aware of the fallout that would, not could, eventually occur. 

That is why He prompted Paul by His Holy Spirit to set out in this and many other passages, throughout his fourteen books within the New Testament, a major warning and alert so that no one can claim that he or she didn’t know or couldn’t have known. 

If the inestimable glory and pricelessness of the gift to us of His Son, the Christ of God, Jesus, can not draw us as individuals to obedience and faith in Him (the carrot, so to speak); then the dire warnings of refusal to accept His standards and His Son and the eternal consequences thereof might (the stick, so to speak)! 

A good father sets the parameters for his children’s behavior and warns them of the consequences before the disobedient event occurs. God clearly did that for the Children of Israel. God told Israel that if they obeyed Him, He would do wonderful things for them. And then we come to a little three letter word that can be, and in this instance is, very pregnant with meaning and ominous portent: it is the word “but.” More details to come.     

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