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James L. White/Staff

Ronnie Roberts (left) Boone County Sheriff’s criminal investigation division clerk, and Tina Jackson, records clerk, stand next to the angel tree in the Sheriff’s Office lobby at 5800 Law Drive, just south of Bellefonte on Highway 65.

You can help out the Boone County Sheriff’s Department be an angel to underprivileged children this Christmas.

Each year the Sheriff’s Office sponsors an angel tree consisting of teenage children from Boone County, along with any siblings in that family.

“There are families out here for whatever reason, one or another, they just don’t have the resources to provide a good Christmas for their children,” Moore said. “So, what we do is reach out to the area schools and other folks and we find these families who are having a hard time.”

Children are identified by number and items they need or want are placed on the tree in the Sheriff’s Office lobby at 5800 Law Drive, just south of Bellefonte on Highway 65.

Citizens may come and take an angel, sign them out on the sheet provided, buy whatever on the list they choose and then return those to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies and reserve deputies deliver those gifts in time for Christmas.

I think we’ve got 16 families left on our tree,” Moore said Wednesday, “and we would really appreciate if someone would step up and say, ‘Hey, I’ll take a couple of those’ or ‘I’ll take a family and I’ll take two or three of these kids’ and make sure they understand what Christmas is about: Sacrificial giving, which is totally about Christmas.”

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