You may be one of the Boone County citizens to be notified that the state has changed personal property assessments on cars and light trucks, but it’s a problem that occurred all across the state.

Boone County Assessor Brandi Diffey explained that the state issued valuations for cars and light trucks in January of this year.

However, those values didn’t appear to be correct, Diffey said. Some were too low, while others were too high and numerous county assessors began contacting the state to let them know about the problem almost immediately.

Diffey said all 75 Arkansas counties were affected, so it’s not an issue for only Boone County. Earlier this month, the state issued corrected valuations for those vehicles.

Diffey said about 16,000 accounts were affected in Boone County. In many cases those new valuations were lower than in January, but the values rose in other cases.

The new assessed values for 2019 will not be due for payment until 2020. Diffey said many of those new assessments are lower than ones issued in January.

Taxpayers who were affected have been or will be notified by mail or email. She said the state will not reimburse her office for expenses to notify taxpayers, such as $3,000 in postage alone.

When you receive notification, you have until Aug. 30 to set up an appointment with the Boone County Equalization Board if you disagree with the assessment. Call Diffey’s office at 741-3783 for additional information.

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