Harrison Police Chief Chris Graddy said a shooting outside Equity Bank downtown late Wednesday night, Oct. 2, was found to be justified and no charges are anticipated.

According to a Harrison Police daily log, a man called about 11:30 p.m. that day to report a naked man crawling on the Bypass near Prospect Avenue. The caller said the man didn’t appear to be hurt, but he appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

An officer arrived on scene and found the nude man standing and waving his arms in front of an 18-wheeler at Prospect. The man then fled on foot eastbound into the Dry Jordan Creek bed and officers began setting up a perimeter to contain him in that area, Graddy said.

About the same time, officers in the area heard two shots fired in the area. Officers went to the area of the gunshots and were flagged down by 32-year-old Amber Wheeler of Harrison, an employee of the bank.

She told officers she walked out of the bank and saw a naked man, later identified as 30-year-old Chantze Whitebuffalo, running toward her. Graddy said Wheeler had a .380 caliber pistol with her and gave the man orders to stop, but he didn’t.

“She shot twice and hit him once,” Graddy said.

Officers were able to locate Whitebuffalo nearby and took him into custody, then he was later airlifted to a Springfield, Missouri, hospital for treatment.

HPD Detective Jason Causey performed the investigation and gathered all the evidence.

Graddy said Whitebuffalo had been released from the Boone County Jail earlier that day. Records show Whitebuffalo was booked into the jail on Harrison Police charges Sept. 5 with bond set at $985 and released to probation Oct. 2.

Graddy said Whitebuffalo told police he had gotten drunk after being released from jail and didn’t remember any of the events from that night.

After Causey was done with the investigation, the case file was turned over to the prosecutor’s office.

“The prosecuting attorney’s office came back that it was a self-defense, justifiable shooting,” Graddy said.

As such, Graddy said no charges will be filed against Wheeler because she had the right to defend herself.

“Obviously our forefathers knew what they were doing when they secured the Second Amendment as part of our constitution,” Graddy said.

Graddy said Wheeler did have a concealed firearms permit, but he also noted that the Attorney General has opined that a resident who isn’t a convicted felon or been adjudicated mentally ill can carry a firearm openly. He said it was obvious that Wheeler had trained with the weapon.

“My advice is to people though, if you do carry a firearm, make sure you’re proficient, you practice and know how to use it,” Graddy said.

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