Chris Patrick and Mark Rice understand the need for security. Patrick spent 19 years as a law enforcement officer. 

“It’s a unique field and ever changing,” Patrick said. “Security is a step off from the highly trained police officers. We are mainly extra eyes and ears.”

“Our business helps people take a proactive approach to security for their home or business,” Patrick added.

The men agree that after the Westrock School shootings, more and more businesses have the need of protecting their employees and customers.

“Arkansas is No. 1 for meth and users have to supply their habit by theft,” Patrick said.

Rice said,  “We like to help businesses protect their property liability. There is a lot of workplace violence with lay-offs and companies are being sued for not providing enough security for their employees. We can help with that.”

Bear Creek Security & Investigation operates statewide. They use a lot of off duty police officers, former military and a handful of personal security detail.

“Our staff are top notch technicians. Not just a guy and gun at the door,” Patrick said.

The staff of Bear Creek Security are highly trained to be observant and document potential issues. “Our guys can scan QR codes for documentation, send reports and photos instantly so the customer gets a full report.”

Locally they have a staff of four regular employees. But a large roster of trained security personnel when needed all around the state.

They’ve been called out in the middle of the night many times, sometimes to secure a business until a new door, or glass can be installed.

“Networking is the key. We can contact several off duty officers all over the state with a phone call, “ Patrick said.

Patrick and Rice opened the business in July 2018. “When we started the company we made a promise to each other, ‘If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right,’” Patrick said.

They have the “boots on the ground approach.”

Some customers want them for one-day fishing tournaments, funerals, weddings, construction sites or vacation checks. “We’ve worked all kinds of events and can be in a tux, uniform, or plain clothes. Whatever the customer desires,” Patrick said.

Rice added, “We offer nightly security patrols with marked or unmarked cars — whichever the client desires. Our staff scans a QR code at these locations for accountability and it provides documentation if a company needs it for a break on their insurance rates.”

Patrick said, “Sometimes people use our services to be properly insured. We compete with national companies and our rates are very competitive.”

Bear Creek Security & Investigations doesn’t offer installation of security cameras, but they know who to recommend for the best cameras and systems.

“Security cameras are great. But we bring all things together to optimize property and people,” he said.

“People think bad things won’t happen to them, but it can,” Patrick said. “They also think their community doesn’t have ‘those kinds of problems.’ But any place can have homeless wandering the streets and drug activity. When we see activity like that, we notify the proper authorities.”

Patrick and Rice are also highly trained, fully licensed and insured private investigators. Part of their services include extensive background checks and to act as proactive deterrents.

“Businesses need to diminish their liability and risk,” Patrick said. “We don’t want the public saying, ‘why didn’t you provide adequate security.’”

“Some businesses have found they have more customers because we are there,” Patrick said.

Patrick remembers his first security job was with a new bank. “They hired me to watch cement dry.” The guys laughed, but feel like security is no laughing matter. “This is a very rewarding industry. It’s nice to help distraught clients and turn their problems around.”

“We are not law enforcement officers,” Rice said. “We don’t want to deal with police issues. We don’t want to interfere with the police or sheriff’s departments. Here in Harrison and Boone County we have a good staff. Other areas aren’t as blessed.”

Bear Creek Security is licensed to teach a variety of classes for the public including conceal carry and more. “We can also help businesses educate their staff with good customer service skills. We provide security for natural disasters or man-made disasters,” Rice said. 

We like to give back to the community. There are times we can volunteer our services. We are proud to be in Arkansas. Harrison and Mountain Home have been very good to us.

The company will be announcing a large expansion soon. The office is located at 113 E. Rush, Ste. 104. Visit the website at or call (870) 316-6056.





Donna has written for the HDT for more than 19 years. When off the clock, she enjoys writing for children, teaching piano lessons and being a pastor's wife. The Braymers have three married sons and daughter-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.

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