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Lee H. Dunlap/Staff

The Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce board voted Tuesday to no longer sponsor the Crawdad Days festival.

The Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday, Aug. 20, that the agency is out of the Crawdad Days business.

Chamber board president Gwen Hoffmann said it was a difficult decision, but it is in line with the chamber’s refocused direction toward economic development and business development.

“We understand the community enjoyed this event for almost 30 years, but the time has come for it to end,” Hoffmann said. The board voted unanimously to not sponsor the event in 2020 or ensuing years.

The chamber will continue to host a community-wide carnival the weekend of May 15-16. Representatives from the Lions, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, Historic Harrison Business Association, CVB, Parks and Rec and several small business owners were informed of the decision and none felt like they could manage the monetary investment, volunteer coordination and resources necessary to continue the event.

The executive committee met last week with several community organizations and leaders to seek their advice on the change and to determine if anyone else was interested in taking ownership of the event.

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson said while he was disappointed, he understood the chamber’s difficult decision and encouraged the other community organizations to think hard about giving back to the community while having the carnival near Lake Harrison.

“The music and craft festival event is simply not a wise investment of the Chamber’s time and limited resources,” chamber president Bob Largent said. “But Pride Amusements is pleased to bring their great assortments of rides and games to Harrison again next year.”

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This was a great event it is a shame they could not run it. The 40 million dollar water park doesn’t sound like a good idea if we can’t even keep a simple festival.

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