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Jeff Dezort/Staff

Harrison City Council member Linda DeWald listens to a presentation about the Enhanced Drug Take Back bottle in front of her used for safe in-home disposal of pharmaceuticals, over the counter medications and vitamins.

Larry Kenemore said he isn't popular among big pharmaceutical companies. He said the big lobby group is working against his Stat-Medicament Disposal Corporation and his invention that safely disposes of medications as an alternative of community drug-take-back programs. He recently made a presentation of the product to Harrison City Council members at committee meetings.

The retired paramedic said his invention protects drinking water and combats the national opioid problem as well. There is no cost to the city, he said. The cost is covered by the pharmaceutical companies, Kenemore said.

He gave each council member one of the Enhanced Drug Take Back bottles used for safe in-home disposal of pharmaceuticals, over the counter medications and vitamins. The bottles contain a ready-to-use chemical digestion solution and charcoal and when the bottle is shaken the drugs dissolve on contact permitting the active medication to be absorbed and neutralized by the active charcoal ingredients. The chemicals permanently bond to the activated charcoal. The process is subsequently irreversible.

Kenemore proposed to provide the drug disposal bottles for each household in the city and establish kiosks where the filled bottles could be returned.

Kenemore said the company won the 2017 Outstanding Green Business Award from SBA/SCORE. SCORE is a network of retired executives that mentor start-up operations free of charge.

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Free and paid for by PhRMA lets make them pay to clean up the mess they created.

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