Harrison City Council standing committees meet at 6 p.m. Thursday and the agenda indicates there will be discussion of a proposal to restore Lake Harrison to Crooked Creek along with associated costs.

In April, the council voted to allow the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Stream Team to develop a design proposing that the weir on Lake Harrison be removed and Crooked Creek be restored to a free-flowing stream.

AGFC officials said technology has improved other means of stream barriers since the time when low head dams, such as the weir, were built.

This type of dam is the most dangerous and are named the drowning machine, AGFC assistant fisheries division chief Darrell Bowman said. Water flows across the top of the structure and creates a recirculating current downstream that causes entrapment of anything that goes over the dam.

AGFC officials said in April that a plan would take months to develop and that it would be late summer before a plan could be ready.

Another item on the agenda is the House of Hope’s safe park program.

House of Hope, a program designed to help homeless people reintegrate into life, has been allowing a limited number of homeless people to park around the facility to sleep at night. They have controlled access to the concept as a trial run.

At the August council meeting, Alderman Wayne Cone presented other council members with a letter expressing his reservations about the program.

In the letter, Cone explained that he was a board member for RSVP when it was housed in that location.

He also noted that the building has been flooded on occasions in the past. That could lead to a dangerous situation following heavy rains. In addition, a proposed portable toilet could become a “floating outhouse” at those times.

“I am not against helping people who need the help, but I believe the area in which we do should be somewhere that the possibility of injury is nil,” the letter said.

That matter is on Thursday night’s meeting agenda. Other items on the agenda include discussion of:

• A grant for Minnie Harris Park.

• Employing an AmeriCorps/Vista volunteer at City Hall.

• Approval of a contract to begin work on a new public safety building.

• Employee health insurance for 2020.

• An amendment to the city ordinance pertaining to dogs.

• An ordinance allowing the city to do business with city employees.

• The city’s tobacco ordinance in relation to new state law.

Because committees are meeting for discussion and no final votes will be taken on any matters, items other than those on the agenda could be discussed.

Meetings will be held in council chambers on the second floor of City Hall.

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