Tuesday is election day and you have until 7:30 p.m. to cast a ballot in the Harrison special city sales tax election.

You have that long unless you’re one of the 1,871 people who had voted early. That number represents about 22.93% of all registered voters in the city limits. Only Harrison residents are allowed to vote in the election.

Early voting slowed on Monday, Nov. 11, by about 60 votes for a total of 231 votes cast by 3 p.m.

Older voters dominated early voting. The breakdown of percentages by age group shows:

• Ages 18 to 24 — 31, or 1.66%

• Ages 25 to 34 — 111 or 5.94%

• Ages 35 to 44 — 244, or 13.04%

• Ages 45 to 54 — 253, or 13.52%

• Ages 55 to 64 — 379, or 20.26%

• Ages 65 to 74 — 485, or 25.92%

• Ages 75 and up — 368, or 19.67%

How does voter turnout in this election so far compare with more recent sales tax elections in Harrison?

The city had proposed a 1% sales tax in 2012. Voting was held during the regular mid-term election in November of that year and 61% of voters said “no.” More than 5,000 people voted in that election.

In April 2014, Harrison voters were asked to approve that 1% sales tax again in a special election. A little more than 1,700 people voted in that election and voters defeated the proposal by a 58% to 42% margin.

In August 2014, voters were asked to approve a 0.50% sales tax that would go only to police and fire departments. More than 1,320 people voted in that election and the issue passed by 70 votes, a 53% to 47% margin.

In August 2018, city voters were asked to renew the 0.50% infrastructure sales tax and the 0.25% sales and use tax. There is a sunset clause on both taxes, so they expire every eight years.

About 760 people voted in that election and both taxes passed by a 76% margin. Results from the election eight years earlier were almost identical.

The Daily Times will have results of Tuesday’s special election in the Wednesday edition, but you can also visit harrisondaily.com for unofficial results Tuesday night.

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