Boone County Fire Coordinator Tommy Creamer appeared before the Boone County Quorum Court this week to talk about first responders.

He said that the quorum court appropriates about $1,750 a year to the volunteer fire departments to contract first responder services.

Creamer said unfortunately a large percentage of 911 calls for first responder assistance are not answered. If the contract isn't being honored then the funding for the service isn't being earned, he said.

In order to receive funding, each fire department must respond to a determined percentage of 911 calls for first responder assistance, Creamer said.

There will be a meeting of the fire departments Tuesday, Jan. 21, and the percentage of calls will be discussed. Creamer said he personally feels departments should respond to 75% of those calls.

He said the 911 dispatch office can keep track of the calls.

Creamer said he understands it is hard to get first responders to go out on calls during the day because most of them have daytime jobs. He said there are 12 departments in the county.

Boone County Judge Robert Hathaway welcomed several members of the Boone County Leadership Institute, an issues-oriented leadership development program that has been used to inform, motivate and challenge selected participants through education and interaction with community, county, and state leaders and decision makers.

Boone County Leadership Institute is designed, organized and governed by a local advisory board made up of leaders in the Boone County area. Boone County Leadership Institute is a program of the Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce funded by the Harrison Chamber Foundation, Inc.

The quorum court then took up the evenings' business, approving two ordinances.

The first was an ordinance amending the annual budget for fiscal year 2019. It approves the appropriation of $531.43 that were used to pay for computer services and maintenance for the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office during the months of

November and December 2019, with no new funds requested, and other appropriations totaling $2,543.19 to pay for computer services and new Server migration for the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office.

The second ordinance is a correction to the 2020 operating budget for the total projected County Treasurer’s Automation Fund, revenues to be budged are: $174,165.30.

Corrections were also made for the total projected Boone County Library fund. Revenues to be budgeted are $1,062,044.10.

The total projected Jail Maintenance Fund revenues to be budgeted are $213,232.50.

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