The Harrison City Council's Finance Committee met last week and passed along to city council a passel of requests for adjusting the 2020 general operating budget. The housekeeping items were explained to the committee by Wade Phillips, the city's director of operations.

He said he made a mistake regarding the amount of money budgeted for salaries in the Conservation Resources Department. He requested $2,711.25 be appropriated to correct that budget item.

He noted that an oversight in funding for new equipment in the wastewater department. A piece of equipment was purchased in 2019 and does not need to appear again in the 2020 budget, he said. He asked that funds for new equipment be reduced $32,000.

The building maintenance budgets have to be increased for funds spent in January on projects budgeted in 2019. Phillips asked that the maintenance shop budget be increased by $3,287.50, and the building and grounds budget receive $8,222.50.

Phillips also asked for $45,000 to complete the water and sewer department' SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system.

The extension of Daly Drive south to US 65 and then on to Forward Drive and other roads in that area are scheduled to start in 2020. Some changes are needed to be made in the city's plan to coordinate it with those of some developments and businesses in that area, Phillips explained. The city will be working with Burns & McDonnell, a full-service engineering firm that has an office in Fayetteville. The firm will do a conceptual design and traffic study to let businesses know what the city will be doing. Phillips requested $50,000 be added to the 2020 budget. Burns & McDonnell was in the running for the Goblin Drive expansion project, Phillips said.

These and other items will be presented on the agenda for the council's regular meeting set for 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27.

They include:

• Internal Affairs Committee recommending amendments to the employee handbook regarding hygiene and smoking.

• Public Works and Transportation Committee recommendations that will allow MitiServe of Harrison to put an information sheet explaining steps to take to mitigate damages caused by a disaster in city facilities and private businesses. This may be a step towards the city developing a working relationship with the company.

• Expand the take home vehicle policy to the public works department. It is based similar to the police departments.

• Council approval for a bid waiver on a new roof at the water construction office located at the old water works facility on Watergate Street. The work is over $20,000. Bowser Metal submitted a proposal of $82,333.27 and Davis Construction, $120,000. The department has $110,000 budgeted. Bowser is recommended to the council.

• The Resources and Policy Committee recommendations include the second and third reading of a proposed marijuana ordinance.

• Consider an amendment to business license for a 501 c (3) organizations.

• Set a public hearing for the vacating of a right of way request.

• Consider passage and adoption of a Council Code of Conduct.

• Passage of a resolution to apply for a federal grant to purchase police cars.

• Carroll-Boone Water District is planning some improvements to its water delivery system requiring restructuring of its debt. Doing so requires approval by four of the five member cities by resolution.

Rates will not go up. Under the master plan projects include replacement of the water plant's water intake pump, install new automatic generators and extend by about a mile the parallel 36-inch waterline between Berryville and Green Forest.

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