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Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson shares the name of a suspected illegal voter with Boone County election coordinator Beckie Benton after a Boone County Election Commission meeting.

Boone County Election Commission chairman John Cantwell said last week that there will not be any communication sent to one voter originally suspected of illegally voting in the 2019 Harrison special election on a recreational complex.

Mayor Jerry Jackson told the election commission last week that the one voter, who he didn’t name in public, had changed her voter registration into the city in order to vote against the rec plex.

Harrison voters had been asked to approve two sales taxes. One was a 0.75% temporary sales tax to build the $39.9 million facility, while the other was 0.25% permanent tax that would pay to operate it and to maintain other parks facilities.

Both issues were defeated by about 60% of votes cast. Voter turnout was about 31% and no irregularities were noted at the time the results were certified.

But Jackson said he was notified of the woman who changed her registration address and asked the commission for guidance on how to proceed. He said he felt the voting process was too important for someone to “knowingly, illegally” vote.

Cantwell told Jackson it was possible the commission could send a letter to the individual asking her to declare a domicile residence. County election coordinator Beckie Benton suggested the commission consult with County Clerk Crystal Graddy and county civil attorney Ron Kincade before sending the letter.

Cantwell said he was put in touch with the legal department of the state Secretary of State to discuss the matter.

Cantwell said he was told that under Arkansas Code Annotated 7-5-201, the voter had committed no crime that would be prosecuted.

So, Cantwell said, the commission decided not to send a letter to the voter.

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the cold one

Let people that have a Harrison mailing address VOTE! We pay the same taxes so we should have a voice!

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