In the first week of candidate filings, all justice of the peace incumbents on the Boone County Quorum Court have filed for re-election and were still unopposed Thursday. They are:

• Jim Milum, District 1.

• Glenn Redding, District 2

• Roy Martin, District 3.

• Fred Woehl, District 5.

• Bobby Woods, District 6.

• Rodney Sullins, District 7.

• James “Jim” Harp, District 8.

• Ralph Guynn, District 9.

• David Thompson, District 11.

Daniel Mehn filed for North Boone Constable, the position currently held by Joseph Jenkins, who hadn’t filed yet. South Boone Constable George White has filed for re-election and was unopposed Thursday.

All filed as Republicans subject to the preferential primary March 3, so if no other party candidates file, the races will be decided at that time.

Current Alpena School Board president Kenny Underdown has filed for re-election, but Lynette Cantwell filed to run against him.

Harrison School Board members Marisa Keylon and John McCuistion both filed for re-election and were unopposed Thursday.

Amy Deaton filed for the only seat up for grabs next year after current board member and Harrison Police Chief Chris Graddy said he was not running for re-election. He told the Daily Times he will soon move to a new house that is in the Harrison School district.

Some candidates file for office at the Secretary of State’s office in Little Rock.

For instance, 14th Judicial Circuit Judge Andrew Bailey, Judge Deanna "Suzie" Layton and Judge John Putman have all filed for re-election, and Johnnie Abbott Copeland of Mountain Home filed for the position currently held by Judge Gordon Webb, who hadn’t filed. The non-partisan judicial election will also be in the March 3 preferential primary election.

Harrison lawyer Gail Inman-Campbell has filed to run for Boone County District Court in the position currently held by Judge Fred Kirkpatrick. She has served as both district and circuit judge by appointment in the past.

District 83 state Rep. Keith Slape (R-Compton), District 98 Rep. Ron McNair (R-Alpena) and District 99 Rep. Jack Fortner (R-Yellville) have all filed for re-election and were unopposed as of Tuesday.

District 16 state Sen. Breanne Davis (R-Russellville) was also unopposed in her re-election bid as of Tuesday.

State Rep. Harlan Breaux (R-Holiday Island) has been challenged for his seat by Suzie Bell of Eureka Springs in District 97.

Celeste Williams of Bella Vista, a Democrat, and Michael J. Kalagias of Rogers, a Libertarian, both filed for U.S. Congress District 3 to challenge current Cong. Steve Womack (R-Rogers), who filed for re-election earlier this week.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Little Rock) has filed for re-election and is challenged by Josh Mahoney of Fayetteville, a Democrat, Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. of Pine Bluff, a Libertarian, and Dan Whitfield of Bella Vista, an Independent.

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