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Hussein Hajji Wario (left) talks about his experience as a Christian convert living among Muslims in Kenya. Wario was the guest speaker at the May 19 “Look at Islam” event held at the Durand Center. Also pictured are Eugene Saul (center) and Dr. Charles Fuqua. The three men discussed the dangers of Islam in today’s world.

Hussein Hajji Wario had some concerns about his rear end.

A teacher had invited Wario to a Christmas Eve service, but the young Kenyan Muslim had been told by his religious leaders that if he visited a Christian church and sat in one of the pews or chairs, he would get a mark on his bottom.

In the end, Wario went to that 1988 Christmas Eve service. No, he did not receive a mark on his posterior, but he did receive a mark for his posterity. All night, after the service, Wario kept hearing the choir, and within a year or two, he became only the second person in his  exclusively Muslim tribe to convert to Christianity.

Wario brought his story of conversion to Christianity and rejection of Islam to Harrison on May 19. He was the featured speaker at the third and final installment of “A Look at Islam: Its Religion and Its Politics” series, which was sponsored by the Boone County Transparency in Government Group (TIGG) in cooperation with the North Arkansas Baptist Association. Held at the Durand Center, the event also featured Dr. Charles R. Fuqua, a Batesville attorney who has studied and written about Islam and local evangelist Eugene Saul, who founded the Provoking to Love Ministry and who has traveled extensively in Kenya.

Wario, who now lives in Chicago with his wife and son, detailed his life pre- and post-Christian conversion, then joined Fuqua and Saul in a discussion about the fallacies of Islam’s claim of being a religion of peace and the dangers it poses in the world today.

Wario is the author of “Cracks in the Crescent.”

“Everyone who leaves Islam,” Wario said in a thick Kenyan accent, “the Koran says they must be killed.”

Before his conversion, Wario was a devout Muslim. He fasted and prayed five times a day, he said. Prior to beginning his education in the Kenyan public schools, he attended a madrassa, an Islamic religious school. Even after starting school, he continued to attend madrassa in the evenings and on weekends.

Upon embracing Christianity, Wario found himself rejected by his family. Officials told him that he had better renounce his new faith.

Wario’s response was to quote the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew.

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in Heaven.”

Wario left no doubt as to his stance on the notion of Islam being a religion of peace.

“The best PR for Muslims has been done by non-Muslims who are ignorant,” he said.

He noted that President George W. Bush, speaking after 9-11, called Islam a religion of peace. Barack Obama, Wario continued, has upped the ante.

Fuqua said that some Muslims are trying to reform Islam, attempting to make it a kinder, gentler religion. He specifically referenced a well-known Muslim television commentator.

That drew a quick response from Wario.

“That gentleman is out of his mind!” he said.

Fuqua also mentioned a verse from the Koran, which many people use to bolster their arguments for a peaceful Islam. Anyone who kills one person, the verse says, is like killing mankind.

“What they don’t know,” Fuqua said. “is that doesn’t apply to Muslims.”

Wario agreed.

“That’s for ignorant Christians to quote,” he said.

Wario drew some “amens!” and applause when he said, “Salvation is only through Jesus Christ.”

Fuqua spent considerable time alerting his audience to the dangers of specific Muslim groups. Surprisingly, it’s not necessary ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

“One of the best things to happen to the world,” Fuqua said, “is Muslim terrorism. When we view Muslim acts of terror, we learn the true nature of Islam. I believe Isis and Al-Qaeda are not that dangerous. They commit acts of terror and wake people up.”

Fuqua went on to say that if a Republican president is elected this year, and he named Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican candidate, ISIS will be destroyed.

Rather, it is the Muslim Brotherhood with which Americans should be concerned, according to Fuqua. He said the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in 1928 as an Islamic religious, political and social movement, is to put the entire world under one caliphate. The plan is the step by step destruction of society from within, “destroying its miserable house by its own house,” Fuqua read from the plan.

Fuqua went on to tell his audience that if they didn’t know the United States is being run by the Muslim Brotherhood, they were sadly mistaken. Barack Hussein (Fuqua emphasized “Hussein”) Obama has filled the government with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Muslims have a sacred responsibility to lie to non-Muslims,” Fuqua said at one point.

Regarding Sharia law, law based on Islam, Fuqua said that Sharia courts are now operating in England with the blessing of the government. Some are operating in the United States, he added, though not legally.

“I maintain that to believe in Islam is to be a traitor to the United States,” Fuqua said with emphasis. “I think we need to wake up and get rid of the traitorous people.”

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