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Ruby Kate Chitsey (from left) and Kids Board of Directors members Sawyer Hartman, 9, Oliver Chitsey, 9, Leo Gaeta, 9, and Ellie den Hollander, 11, admire the garden they planted and are maintaining for the residents at Mt. Vista Rehabilitation Center.

Ruby Kate Chitsey and her friends have already done some amazing feats in the community. The Three Wishes for Ruby’s Residents Foundation was started and not only is there a board of directors made up of adults, but there is also a Kids Board of Directors.

The Foundation continues to expand and is in the process of branching out to other states and purchasing a building in downtown Harrison to house donations coming in for the various projects the kids are promoting.

The Kid Directors are also involved in several projects to make life better for the residents of Mt. Vista Rehabilitation Center.

The kids wanted to plant a garden for the residents and the senior citizens offered advice and wisdom.

One of the Kid Director parents, Lanette den Hollander said, “My family always planted a garden and canned. So I felt like I had plenty of experience to help the kids with this project. But one of the residents warned me against planting two vining plants close by each other. I didn’t know that.”

The residents requested tomatoes, squash, melons and onions for wilted salad. Some of the residents enjoy waking up early now so they can go out and water the garden.

Another project was started by Ruby Kate’s brother, Oliver. He noticed the books at the nursing facility needed attention. He made a YouTube video requesting books for the residents and more than 1,000 books have been donated so far.

Ellie den Hollander is vice president of the Kid Board and she gathers toiletries for the residents so they don’t have to use the generic ones provided. “They love the fresh smell of Suave and Perk brands,” she said.

To make donations to the foundation, visit the website or the Go Fund Me page for Three Wishes for Ruby Kate’s Residents.

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