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This new billboard was erected Monday at the south Harrison city limits on Highway 65. Thom Robb, national director of The Knights Party, said the billboard is an ad for the web-based radio station listed on the sign.

A new billboard that popped up Monday at the south city limits of Harrison on Highway 65 was leased by The Knights Party based at Zinc and was designed to advertise a web-based radio station.

“Yes, that’s us,” said Thom Robb, national director of The Knights Party, when asked if the party sponsored the sign.

Claude West, owner of Harrison Signs, said he no longer leases out billboard space unless there is contact information on it. When asked for information about the sign, West deferred to the contact information on the sign.

The Internet address listed on the sign is www.whiteprideradio.com — it redirects to www.kkkradio.com when visiting the site.

Robb told the Daily Times that he has been working on the web-based radio station for more than a year and wanted to advertise it. He said there was no real reason for the time frame of erecting the sign, which went up Monday.

“We just wanted to wait until the first of the year,” Robb said.

The erection of the sign was first announced on www.harrisonar.net on Monday as well. Both Robb’s radio station website and the latter website say they are powered by WordPress, a service that claims to be “the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.”

Robb said he knows who runs that site, but he has no control over content. It lists no contact information other than an anonymous link to comment. Robb said the anonymity shouldn’t be a surprise.

He maintains that the city tried to destroy West’s business in response to two other billboards that went up anonymously and created national controversy, and that people threatened West personally because he declined to name the person who leased that billboard space.

“Look at the hate that comes out,” he said, referring to people who disagreed with the message on the billboards. “That’s why you find that happening sometimes.”

Robb said he also had nothing to do with some fliers that appeared in yards in Harrison last week. At least two people called Harrison Police to report a plastic bag containing rocks and a racially sensitive flier thrown on their yards Tuesday, Dec. 23.

The flier contained an e-mail address. The Daily Times sent a message to that address asking who was responsible for the fliers after a newspaper carrier showed concern that people might think the fliers were in some way related to his newspaper route because they were in many yards where papers were delivered.

“The last thing I think your carrier should be concerned with is that someone might assume the flyer came from the HDT,” the e-mail response said. “Anyone with half a brain or anyone that has ever picked up a copy of the HDT knows better and I think you do too.

“I won’t reveal who was responsible for the fliers but I will tell you that I am unaffiliated with any group or organization,” the response continued. “Although I’m sure some will attempt to tie the fliers to a semi local group. It always seems that people (like you just did) want to know who? who? who? It’s always easier to attack a person than it is to address a message and have an honest dialogue.”

“I have no idea who did that,” Robb said, adding that he and his family had friends over for dinner that night and they called him to report finding a flier in their yard when they got home.

In the announcement Monday, harrisonar.net included the statement, “The Harrison Task Force on Race Relations, and the rest of their ilk who proudly crowed about running the racists out, better think twice. Sometimes it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, then (sic) to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Robb was asked if he thought that meant the writer of the announcement considered the new billboard to be racist.

He said he had no idea what the writer meant, but he had a question of his own.

“What is a racist? he asked. “Everyone has their own definition of it.”

Robb said the lease on the billboard is for a year.

“We’ll probably redo the lease at the end of the year,” he told the Daily Times.

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I agree with windowtreatments


windowtreatments: Excellent point!!!


Here's an idea...STOP giving them free advertising by putting their junk on the front page of the paper!!! The media is just as bad as they are because they keep it stirred up and in people's faces! Tsk tsk!


Just when one thinks we are catching a break from what some term (the Muslim side of the world) up jumps some real wackos called ISIS and start cutting off the heads of women and children because they don't bow to and take pride in Shea.

I could stop here because most of you are already are 'knowen where I'm goen'.

There's more: I'm suggesting a new race definition..., I'm white but the applications call it Caucasian and that's Europid, not accurate considering at least 5 generations of born in the USA.

If you're white and born in the USA you're American
If you're black and born in the USA you're American
" Yellow '
" Mex "
YOU GET the IDEA . Let's start where the race calling starts..., on the birth certificates, If there is confusion let DNA sort it out.

muley one

Don't see what the big deal is considering what Al Sharpton and the black panthers preach. Ferguson thugs can hold signs that say black lives matter but whites are forbidden that choice? The way I see is it, blacks have really just proved how racist THEYare. There is a bill called H.R. 40 which ifit gets signed in by Obama will give millions of money to blacks whose ancestors were slaves. They don't know history very well. Lots of whites have been slaves over 1,000's of years. Need to get over it. Thousands of whites died to free blacks and this is how they thank us? Ought to be glad they aren't still in Africa living in mud huts.


Thom Robb could make the simple statement that the sky is blue, and some politically correct self-righteous sumbee would claim it to be racist so as not to miss the opportunity to be offended.


" I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire


Even Jerry is glad he didn't win now. How would anyone want to move here now?


Kudos to the task force. And Crockett. Another thing we can be proud of for years to come. Gift that keeps on giving.

Old Arkie

OH HE LL Thom,
Now you'll have the Knights of the Save Harrison's Reputation" all fired up again. You know how much you water them off! Say something nice to them like what a great job the mayor has done!


Surely there's in between racist and righteous. Isn't that what the political correct is for? We certainly have succeeded in stirring the pot. And we certainly awakened KKK. Can anyone say they're going to be proud of that? In this day and age?


This should be interesting! It may better than the Arkansas-Texas game. The Harrison Bowl: The Racists VS The Righteous. Get your front row seats at the HDT (a subsidiary of the Righteous).

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