ST. JOE — Starting the week of March 30 Ozark Mountain School District counselors and principals at St. Joe, Western Grove and Bruno-Pratt campuses will be holding weekly meetings at 2 p.m. every Tuesday with their high school seniors, via Goggle Hangouts. Topics to be discussed will be pertinent to seniors eligible for graduating early due to the coronavirus pandemic which has caused the governor to suspend classes. The educators will guide the students through completing college, housing and scholarship applications or FAFSA paperwork. They will also answer students' questions and can setup a ZOOM online meeting to go through the process.

According to a letter sent out to seniors and their parents by Superintendent Kerry Saylors, "We will be figuring grades and graduation requirements based on your 3rd quarter grades. If you are in good standing and have met the district and state statutory requirements for graduation you will be allowed to graduate now. If you have not reached this point, we will help you get there. Those that are taking courses via Virtual Arkansas, or College courses will need to complete those courses, per the institutions’ requirements. Any questions that you might have regarding grades and graduation requirements will be answered in the on-line meeting with your counselors on Tuesday."

Saylors also promised in the letter that once this pandemic is over, Ozark Mountain School District will have a prom and a formal graduation ceremony when it has been deemed safe.

"I know some of you are disappointed, upset, confused and maybe sad – this is not how the last three months of your senior year were supposed to go. Your class came into this world in the shadows of 9/11 and we are ushering you out of high school in the chaos of this virus. But you are ready," he assured.

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