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Lee H. Dunlap/Staff

Arkansas State Police Trooper First Class Josh Valentin investigates the Monday night wreck that claimed the life of a Rogers woman and injured five other individuals north of Harrison on Highway 65.

Details of the wreck that killed a Rogers woman Monday night north of Harrison have been released.

According to a report by Arkansas State Police Trooper First Class Josh A. Valentin, Johnathan Aviles was southbound on Highway 65 in a 2017 Toyota Rav 4 and Michael Hendricks, 43, of Harrison was also southbound in a 2010 Ford pickup in the outside lane.

The report said Aviles was stationary on the southbound shoulder of the road and attempted a U-turn into the path of the pickup, causing it to hit the driver’s side rear of the Toyota.

Aviles, and passengers in the Toyota — 22-year-old Theresa Lyn, 35-year-old Francisco Durin and an unidentified minor, all of Rogers — were injured in the crash, but 40-year-old Maria Ruiz, also of Rogers, was killed, the report said.

Hendricks was injured as well. All those hurt were taken to either North Arkansas Regional Medical Center or Cox South hospital in Branson, Missouri, the report said.

Helicopters from Air Evac and other medical facilities landed on the parking lot of the Welcome Center to transport some of the injured.

Harrison Fire and Rescue, along with other first responders and volunteer firefighters, Boone County deputies and NARMC were all on scene.

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