Dear Editor,    

The recent Youtube video about “Harrison Arkansas, the Most Racist city in America” was a setup. It was incorrect about Harrison being the home of the KKK. We are only the P.O. box of the KKK. It was the worst kind of yellow, new-age “journalism.”

I am just as disgusted with the BLM, Antifa, DNC, CNN, MSM support of violence as recourse for the sins of a few.

I just wanted to say this.

What were those people screaming threats and foul language thinking? If NO ONE is going to take the high ground, then where does that leave our kids? Do we simply give up on the election of 2020 and instead wait for…whatever comes after?

We are Americans. None of us are from here. Even the “native” or “first people” came here from somewhere else.

Are we NO BETTER than the thugs these people seemed to be ranting about? Are we not civilized enough to accept a blow and turn the other cheek? For all the hosannas we bleat, do we not remember what they mean?

We are either God-fearing Christians engaged in making this a better world or we are NOT!

I pray for us and for our adversaries. We all need to remember why we are here.

Bob Boswell


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