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Local chapter members (from left) Wayne Shankle, Debra Shankle, Holly Gillies, CHRC Director, Cat Schoubroeck, LoneWolf Brecheen and Pops presenting the check for $1,600.

The Dr. Dan J Hawkins Community Health Resource Center (CHRC), part of North Arkansas Partnership for Health Education (NAPHE) was the recipient of funds raised by the Brothers of the Third Wheel local Chapter and other states at their Central States Trike-In. The event was held June 5 through June 8 in Harrison, AR. Trikers attended from all over the region and participated in many activities. The local chapter chose NAPHE’s CHRC’s Breast Health Fund as their local charity recipient. This fund assists local residents currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer with non-traditional expenses such as utilities, transportation costs or rent/house payment.

Holly Gillies, director of the CHRC said, “This event was just a joy to experience! The generous hearts of all those in attendance was very heart-warming and will benefit our local residents dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis with expenses that can overwhelm and unnecessarily stress-out a patient who needs to be focused on fighting their cancer, not how they will pay the electric bill.”

NAPHE’s Dr Dan J. Hawkins Community Health Resource Center helps connect community members to the resources, programs, and services necessary to make informed decisions, improve their quality of life and achieve healthy lifestyles. For more information about breast health services or other programs available, call 870-743-CHRC (2472).

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