Nancy Sharp and daughter Tiffany Nichols went to visit her daughter Tina McBride over at Harmony. They went shopping and other thing and then spent the night. The next day, Nancy didn't feel well and they came back Home.

Johnnie Rex and Sue Wilson had a karaoke party at their house on Friday night. They had friends and their grandkids over that night.

I received another card from my secret sister. I had a hint that she loves pink, but I still don't have a clue who she is.

It was nice to see channel 10 on my TV again.

I will be going to my doctor on Tuesday morning to have my port flushed and to receive a bone density shot.

Jean Crow is doing better. She and her daughter Lucinda cooked an Irish dinner for all of their family on Sunday.

I talked to Tommie Henley. She is still having trouble dealing with the death of her husband, Kenneth Henley. Her daughter and grandson live with her now.

Golden Years class has been called off for the next few weeks.

Steve Eames visited on the phone with Johnny Cowels and his sister Maxine Rogers. Maxine's daughter Theresa Simmons had a birthday party.

My son Chuck Crow was intending to come up on Spring Break, but since they let out schools due to the Cororna virus, he may come up and stay a few days.

My granddaughter Mandie Treat came to visit me one day last week.

My sympathy to the family of Wendell McCutcheon. He and his wife has attended Bellefonte Church of Christ for many years.

My grandson Chris Crow came over last Thursday and cooked us an Irish dinner. He made a corned beef brisket, with gravy, asparagus and bread.

“I'm going to stand outside so if anybody asks, I'm outstanding”

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