Well tomorrow is the 1st day of fall. I like fall when the leaves start turning color but not when they get dead and start falling off. I hate to see when they talk about frost and have to move house flowers in. I got one flower that used to belong to my mother it is over 60 years old.

Kevin Lowe and Mother Sue Lowe went to city wide yard sale in Kimberling City, Mo. and they went on to Branson, Mo. and visit with Nancy Bennett and then we took her out to a fall festival they were having behind the 5 and 10 stores. The first time I have ever been we got a little rain on us but not bad. I walk up a big hill and I felt great after I got up it no problems this new doctor that seen me on my knee has been sending me to one heart test after another.

I was never so shocked when I saw in the paper that Ronald (Leon) Smith. I had seen him for years when he use to come to Glick to see his wife Christina and that was in 1970. His son Roger and Wife Marilyn daughter Deborah Smith and sister Dorothy Lee Terry and rest of his family has our deepest sympathy.

The lord look down and picked another beautiful flower to go home with him Georgia Roberta Pritchett 79 . She was my kind of person she like the Nascar especially Jimmy Johnson and I like Dale Earnhardt that was only difference. The family of Roberta has our deepest sympathy.

The family of Pamela Fern Parker has our deepest sympathy. Her son Jeremy Parker and her family has our deepest sympathy. She was a employee of Labarge. It was another shock.

Kevin Lowe and Sue Lowe went to Bingo to be with Shirley Cain and Nancy Bennett. Kevin won a free machine of $60 to use. Nancy won $10 after 15 more won the same game well Shirley and Sue nothing. There weren't very many there the $10,000 lady was there she won but not the big one. I use to love Bingo that was my son and I fun now we all get burnt out on it.

I had some excitement this week I ran on to someone I hadn't seen since my dad built the Keeland House on Sept. 23 down at Branson V.A doctor office. I ran onto Connie(Keeland) McCullough and husband

of Shell Knob, Mo. we had a good visit and then Friday Sept. 27 I got another surprise I put up beside this car and it was Connie sister Charlene (Keeland) Goforth of Berryville. I couldn't believe I got to see two sisters that I hadn't seen since kids and that was their brother Charlie Keeland they lost this year. This was a shock but a good one.

I hope they don't change Crawdad Days that my favorite deal to do every year.

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