We see the homeless on the street

With rags for clothes

And cardboard for sleep

Don’t you ever wonder

That could be you or me

The young mother cradles

Her child close to her chest

Look closer, her eyes show

How unhappy she is, because her

Marriage is failing

It might be me or you

The beautiful teenager smiles at the world

But when she gets home

She slices into her flesh

Because when she looks in the mirror

All she see is ugliness

It could be you or me

The celebrity so rich and famous

They have it all

Or so you would believe

But they suffer from anxiety and depression

Just like Me and you

the old lady silently

shuffles down the hall

her eyes so wrinkled and wise

oh, the stories she could tell

But she can’t recall her real name

before you judge others

just remember

it could be you or me

—Terry Royce

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