I’ve noticed that griping and complaining gets your words read more than nice things, so I’ve narrowed down a long list of some things that need attention.

Every time I turn around, there’s some ridiculous new thing getting all sorts of attention based solely on the fact that it’s ridiculous.

It’s either a group of people lacking brain cells throwing random things into the air while on video just to see who it hits on the head. Or its some angry lady from some show I’ve never watched pointing her finger and yelling at some cat eating a salad.

Granted, some of those memes are kinda funny, but then I realize I’m wasting my time watching something that is inherently dumb and is making me dumber in the process.

I can’t get back the time I spent watching or reading that nonsense. It seems like everything is backward that grabs our attention.

Go to any convenience store and you’ll be sure to find some little kid bossing his or her parents around while making the “adults” foot the bill for whatever the whiny kid desires.

Like I said, things are either backward or society as a whole is going the wrong way on the imaginary chain of evolution.

Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns recently got in trouble for swinging a helmet at Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph never appeared to be backing down during the whole squirmish that he more or less started. However, he should’ve known better than to take a 90’s haircut to a helmet swinging fight once he lost his armor.

I’m still wondering how that wasn’t assault with a deadly weapon. Apparently because it happened in sports, it’s not against the law. If that’s the case, then hockey has been ahead of its time for years.

Baseball is trying to restructure the minor leagues and drop 42 teams from their current circuits. There are 176 minor league teams affiliated in the current setup. They complain that they spend $500 million annually on the minors, but only make back $18 million.

Most people I know like minor league baseball. It’s a cheap ticket where kids can get a feel for the game while eating $5 hot dogs and actually have a good chance at catching a foul ball. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they didn’t like going to watch a Springfield Cardinals game or a Naturals game in Springdale.

They say some of these programs are run down and expensive to fix. Who cares? The team would be a great way to bring the communities together and have something to support.

If money really is the issue, then stop paying pitchers $5 million to throw six innings.

Surprisingly, 106 members (almost 25 percent) of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter sent to the MLB commissioner trying to get him to reconsider dropping the teams.

That might’ve actually hurt the minor leagues in retrospect. Congress seems to always be chasing the wrong rabbits anymore and power-hungry incompetence seems to be a prerequisite to run for office. When was the last time they did anything positive?

Enough about that.

Another human being that I’ve never cared too much for, LeBron James, sadly deserves some props.

He recently posted 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night. It made him the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double against every team in the league. He has 86 total which is fifth among the all-time leaders. Too bad he didn’t stay in Cleveland, he’d be one short of that accolade.

But enough about that crybaby. That’s all the attention I’ll give him.

My final pondering thought is why are there so many Christmas movies when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Do Thanksgiving movies come out before Halloween? Do Easter movies come out before Valentine’s Day?

I have no answers, but I do have plenty of questions that don’t make much sense.

It’s time to get people in the backyard and throw a ball around again.

Rodney Beaver is a sports writer for the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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