MARSHALL — For the second year in a row, a basketball player from the Marshall Lady Bobcats signed a national letter-of-intent to play next season.

This year, senior Kristan Hargrove signed to played basketball next season at Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Basketball has always been a love for Hargrove.

“My favorite thing about basketball is the competitiveness,” she started. “I feel more alive when I am on the court than I do off of it. It brings me a sense of calmness.

“I also love the relationships that sports builds with friends,” continued Hargrove. “Friends that will last a lifetime, ones who have helped me in so many ways by just being my teammate of the sport I love.”

Basketball has also been an educator for the Lady Bobcat.

“Basketball has taught me that you will always have to put in work for the things you want and if you want something bad enough, go get it,” she said. “Basketball has taught me that a little bit of heart goes a long way. In Basketball, much like life, there are ups and downs, success and failures, and endless challenges and obstacles that you must overcome.”

Hargrove knows how much hard work can mean in becoming a better basketball player and athlete.

“My favorite memory of basketball would most definitely have to be when I was in eighth grade,” started Hargrove. “My best friend Caitlynn and I were the worst players on the team. We seen our coach walking into the gym and decided to play as hard as we could against each other in front of him thinking we might get playing time in the game later that night. Caitlynn went up to shoot a layup and I tried blocking her as hard as I could and ended up breaking her finger and sitting farther down on the bench.”

Hargrove is undecided on a major. She knows that she wants to coach basketball as her career choice.

Hargrove is an athlete of many sports. She also excels in volleyball and softball. She has been selected as All-State and All-Conference in basketball and volleyball. She was All-Conference in basketball, softball and volleyball her junior year. Her sophomore year, Hargrove was All-Conference in volleyball and softball.

She is a staple on the honor roll as well at Marshall.

Hargrove lives with her aunt and uncle Samantha and Anthony Tyler and their four children, Dylan, Trevor, Kase and MaeLynn Tyler. She is the daughter of Mistie Hargrove and the late Shawn Hargrove. She has three sisters in Kelsie Hargrove, Kaitlin Hargrove and Jamie King.

Signing with Eastern Oklahoma was an easy choice for Hargrove.

“I signed with them because I love the program and the college,” she said. “Coach Al (Davis) and Coach Tee (Tashawnya Edwards) made me feel very welcome and I love the way they coach.”

Hargrove has some experience in her future role as a shooting guard.

“In some ways it will be different for me because my ninth-, 10th- and 11th-grade year I was a shooting guard,” she said. “My 12th-grade year I had to take on a whole new role of playing point guard and learning how to adjust from my previous position. It was difficult at the beginning of the season, but I definitely got the hang of it.”

With an enrollment of just more than 1,000 students, Eastern Oklahoma will have some adjustments for Hargrove.

“I will definitely miss my friends and basketball the most when thinking about high school,” she said. “My friends not only have been my teammates, but have become my best friends over the years. I will always hold them very close to my heart. There is nothing like home basketball games and seeing everyone you know and have grown up around coming to support.”

Hargrove had people to thank.

“I would like to thank my family and my coach for motivating me and pushing me to be better,” she said. “I would also like to thank my friends and the town of Marshall for always believing in and supporting me.

“I am so excited to continue my basketball career in Oklahoma,” she continued. “The town and the people of Marshall will always be my home.”

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