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Dress Warm


We’ve all heard our parents tell us to “Dress Warm.” Then as adults we say the same thing. Yes, we see people in shorts, flip flops and coat combinations when temperatures are in the 20s.

I just know that the one day last week it was supposed to be “warmer.” I didn’t wear a sweater, and I froze all day long. I could hardly wait to get home and turn on my electric lap blanket!

So the next day, I didn’t care what the weather man said, I wore several layers of clothes  … plus a heavy sweater. Ahhhh, I felt very comfortable all day.

My least favorite phrase when I make the statement “I’m cold,” is when my hubby disagrees with me and says, “It’s fine in here.”

To which I’ve started saying, “Well, not to me!” 

I wonder how many divorces have started with a temperature setting?

Anyway, I try to say now, “I’m cold.” And then I just put on more clothes or the electric lap blanket. I sure don’t want everyone in the room hot!

For the record, I learned a long time ago, this pastor’s wife stayed out of trouble much longer if I never touched a thermostat … at church. I really do feel for church staff. There is no “one right” temperature that makes everyone happy. You can go with the eco-friendly general setting, but I promise someone will be cold (Mary) and someone will be hot (Rhonda). I’m smiling, I promise. Love you ladies. But at our church they are the gauges. 

So when my Bible reading told us to “Put On” … I could easily visualize putting on a light jacket, a heavier jacket, then the winter parka to walk to the mailbox on certain days!

But what if we took the suggestion Paul was writing about in Colossians and we “put on” compassion, kindness, patience and love? Putting on is a great word picture. If we put on, that means we can also “take off.” So I guess if you want to have a dandy argument (or discussion as we like to call it) with your spouse, you’d better step into the closet and “take off” love, patience, compassion and kindness first.

Then go for it! Does that leave you feeling better? Feel warm and fuzzy inside? Not if the Holy Spirit lives in your heart. We’ve actually “grieved” God when we sin. I know I’ve grieved my parents, and I know our boys have grieved our hearts. I don’t like that feeling. I know church members and friends who have grieved our hearts. It’s sad. So why do we want to do that to God who has done so much for us?

Colossians 3 also mentions anxiety. There is a kind you need to see a doctor for and possibly take meds. But just the common, every day variety of worry could possibly be helped with “putting on” thankfulness.

Col 3:15, “And LET the peace of God rule in your hearts to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

So Donna, just put on more clothes when you’re cold and be thankful you have more sweaters, blankets and jackets to warm up in.

So when the auditorium isn’t the right temperature at your church for you? Be thankful you have a place to go. Be thankful the people are there shivering and fanning while sitting next to each other enjoying the service.

A good friend of mine would speak on the armor of God and suggested taking the time to mentally put on each piece so you’d be ready for the battle with the enemy ahead. Well, let’s add to that “putting on” patience. Be extra patient with the lady in front of you who has lost her wallet in the giant suitcase of a purse she carries on her shoulder. Be kind when they put ketchup on your hamburger and you despise ketchup. Have compassion for those who don’t have what you do, and clean out your gently used clothes or extra canned goods and share with some of the organizations in town who can get donated items to people who really need them.

I think the word picture of “putting on” will help me every day, if I will allow myself to think that way. I can be thankful for parking places, surviving the spelling bee, dinner that turns out tasting good, cold water when I’m thirsty and electric lap blankets. Of course those items are not in an order of importance. But see what happens this week when you “put on” something God desires for our good.


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