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Keith Wheeler Ministries:

Carrying a cross around the world


Editor’s Note: For the next few weeks, we will follow the posts made by former resident Keith Wheeler as he travels to Ukraine to share the hope of the gospel. Visit kw.org for more information about his ministry.

March 26, 2022
6 p.m.

Thanks so much for praying for me! With God’s help, after nearly four hours at the border, I made it into Ukraine! I had an amazing time sharing Jesus as I passed through the border! Refugees, relief workers and international reporters pressed in around the cross! Even the border guards and officials wanted to touch the cross and have me share, then pray for them. It was amazing to see as so many of the refugees wanted to share their stories; not even caring whether I spoke or understood Ukrainian, or not. They just saw the cross and knew that it was a safe place where they could come and share. Many, many wanted prayer. So many just wanted me to lay my hands on them and bless them. Others simply wanted a hug. How beautiful to watch Jesus as He touched peoples lives.
Thanks again for praying!
God bless you!


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