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Let’s play ‘catch’ with lions


There was an interesting phrase in my Bible reading recently that has caught my attention. I’m sure I’ve read it before, but it hadn’t sunk in.

The day will come when God demands our life from us — not the stuff we collected or bought with the money we’ve earned. He gave us abilities and talents to use for others. We earn a paycheck so we can give to missionaries living in a foreign country sharing the gospel. We give to organizations trying to help children have good healthy conditions to grow up in … books to read, medicine and clean water. We work so we can give. What really matters when we have 60 seconds left to live in this life? I don’t think it will be the stuff we collected or awards we received. But we will think of the important things in life such as family. We might even be grateful for how we used our possessions or treated others. I really doubt the clothes or shoes in the closet, cars in the garage or bank balance will be important.

Bible Teacher Kris Langham said, “Our life is not ours to keep. It’s on loan from God, and we do have to give it back someday.”

That reminds me of the parable (story) Jesus told of the rich owner who passed out coins to his staff and told them to be wise with that treasure and he would collect it when he returned.

One was fearful he would lose it, so he buried it. Others safely invested it in an interest-bearing account. Some probably bought terrible stocks from a cousin. I’m sure one invested in crypto.

It still amazes me that we have just a few years on this earth and we think we are such hot stuff —  so important. But in reality we just have a few years here. Then we will live forever somewhere else. Let that sink in. What will Life 2.0 look like for us?

Because I’ve accepted Christ as my rescuer and savior of my sins, I’m thinking a perfectly healthy body will feel nice. I won’t have to moan and groan when I know I’ve sat too long in one position. I will be able to sing and dance like a 15-year old ballet expert, or play pickleball like a strong, healthy, teenager. I’ll be able to travel and see incredible sights I’ve never seen before. And eat foods that won’t stay on my hips after they have passed through my lips!

I’ll be able to interview the disciples or famous people from history and get questions answered about events we don’t understand. I’ll be able to ask Mary what it was like to raise a perfect son. (I didn’t have any of those — even though they are fantastic men now!)

I hope I’ll be able to go back and watch a documentary on how incredible it was for God to say, “Let there be light.” And all of a sudden there was. 

I want to watch the surgery God performed on Adam and how He created Eve. I want to watch Adam come up with names for all of the animals God created. I want to snuggle a lion and touch that beautiful mane without the fear of losing a limb. I want to know how dolphins listen and learn to obey humans and jump high in the air and do backwards flips. 

How does the mind of an engineer know that a particular angle will be safe for a roller coaster and stuff will fall out of pockets, but if strapped in — people will not.

I could go on for days thinking about things I don’t understand and will have the opportunity to do so much more as eternity with Jesus awaits me. Most important is the time I’ll have with Jesus —  my Savior. But the opposite awaits the person who does not make a reservation or accept God’s gift of salvation. Repent of wanting to do life your own way, and admit that God’s way is better. What have you got to lose?

We’ve all seen how fleeting life can be. One minute someone is fine, the next minute they are not. Don’t put off any decisions you need to make for later. We are not promised one more day. 

Your life is your treasure. Are you multiplying that treasure with all the things that please God? Or have you buried it in a coffee can in the back yard and missing out on the best life God intended for you?

Our life will be required of us at some point, and after that we have no more opportunities to make plans for eternity. Make plans NOW to join me in Heaven. Jesus can handle any doubts or road blocks you feel you’re facing. I promise. Just talk to Him about it, He can hear you even if you are whispering from your heart.

Let your best life start today and let’s plan to play catch with the lions. 


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