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On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center launched


One of the dreams of the Ron Hutchcraft Ministries has come to pass. The On Eagles’ Wings (OEW) Leadership Center hosted a dedication and open house on Tuesday, April 18, located on the acreage of RHM.

For more than 30 years RHM has focused on ministering to Native Americans. Now there is a modern facility to equip Native American young people for a “gap year,” a nine month program with the tools to become make a difference leaders for Jesus.

Ron and Karen Hutchcraft founded the ministry in 1991, based in Wayne, New Jersey and relocated to Harrison in 1999. The ministry continues with the work of their two sons, one daughter, their spouses, nine grandchildren as well as a very knowledgeable and talented team.

Brad Hutchcraft, director of OEW welcomed the crowd and was grateful for the community’s support. “This building is now ready to be used for what it was intended. To see a generation rise up in Native North America led by fully equipped young indigenous leaders — transforming the Native American communities with the hope that Jesus brings.”

Brad explained that because of what God had already provided on the rest of the RHM campus, classes didn’t have to wait until the building was finished. The students will complete their first year shortly.

“Wow.” Ron Hutchcraft said when he looked into the crowd. He told the story of how Karen grew up in this area, her work at Dairy Queen as a teenager and marrying a Chicago boy. “She grew up close to here without electricity or running water. She learned to overcome. One of the great loves of her life were Native American young people. She marked the lives of hundreds of them. They nicknamed her ‘Mama Hutch’ and named the 50’s style diner area after her high school nickname Susie Q’s. God said her work was done, seven years next month. She would be so blessed to see this facility and the welcome the community has given the students. Thank you for being so welcoming to our Native Americans.”

He continued with the story of President Kennedy’s conversation with a janitor at Cape Canaveral. He was currently sweeping the floor. But when asked what his job was, he answered, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

“As you visit here today, this is a place that God built. This may look like a building, but this is a launch pad for young Native American leaders to go and be agents of hope for their people,” Ron said.

There are 540 Indian nations in this country. When Columbus came there were probably 10 million people. By the 1900s there were 200,000 people. Now the numbers have grown to six million people.

“They may be the forgotten people by some … but not by God,” Ron said. “Twenty-three years ago we dedicated 75 acres of land for this miraculous ministry — that God has built. The new facility has 8,000 volunteer hours invested in the construction which equates to $300,000,” he said. “We didn’t have any borrowed money or professional fundraisers. God built this as Psalms 118 states, ‘This is the Lord’s doing.’”

The Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce organized a ribbon cutting ceremony for the event. Board chairman, Jim Holland said, “We expect to see great things ‘launched’ right here from Cape Caps.”

Judge Robert Hathaway said, “This is a great place that I just couldn’t envision — but Ron did. And I’m so glad to have this Leadership Center in Boone County."

For more information contact nick@oneagleswings.com or call 877-741-1200.


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