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Preparing for summer


This is our last Newspapers in Education (NIE) column for this school year. I hope you’ve learned a few extra interesting details —  I sure have. 

I know you are looking forward to a great summer. If you have the chance to earn some money, enjoy working and saving up for something special. Even if you aren’t old enough to have an official job, hopefully some neighbors need some help with yard work, or pet sitting if they go on vacation. Be polite and respectful and let them know you are willing to help in order to earn some extra money.

But also work your brain this summer, too. Make a regular trip to the public library and get hooked on a genre that you will enjoy and look forward to reading. I PROMISE there is something for everyone at the library. If you think you don’t like to read, talk to the librarian and let them make some recommendations for you. Reading opens the whole world up to you.

Summer is a good time to learn a new sport or expand the skills you currently have. If you’re so-so at a sport or an instrument, put in the time and effort in and become more proficient. You will enjoy it a lot more.

You can also check with your teachers for next year. There could be some projects they wouldn’t mind you starting on this summer.

Maybe there’s a retired man in your neighborhood who would show you how to build bird houses, or someone would share their gardening skills with you. Maybe write a story about your grandparents and how they met. 

Think about what you love to do (that doesn’t involve a TV or have to be plugged in to be charged.) Then get busy and enjoy being outside. Take advantage of the mountain bike training this weekend and enjoy being a kid! Keep your brain and your body in shape this summer!


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