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Quality of life for all


With strong leadership, community involvement, and a shared commitment to progress, there is no limit to what Harrison can achieve.

Being in the Ozark Mountains, we have opportunities and challenges that other towns don’t. Infrastructure improves the quality of life, but with our natural topography, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve. For example, Highways 43 and 65 were difficult to deal with under construction. But now, we see the value of the completed project and realize it was worth it. Sometimes, progress can be painful and inconvenient.

There is no reason why Harrison and Boone County shouldn't strive to become the best small town in America to work, play, and raise a family. With its natural beauty, a strong sense of community, and abundant opportunities for growth and development, Harrison has all the ingredients to achieve this ambitious goal.

In terms of work, I’m committed to working with others to create a thriving economy. By attracting new businesses, supporting entrepreneurship, and investing in workforce development programs, we aim to ensure that Harrison is a place where people can pursue fulfilling careers and achieve their professional aspirations.

Regarding play, I recognize the importance of recreational amenities and cultural attractions in enhancing residents' quality of life. The development of the Creekside Community and Aquatic Center is just one example of the city’s efforts to provide residents with opportunities for leisure, recreation, and enjoyment. There are activities and equipment available for every age group at Creekside. It can be a place for each generation of a family to play together.

Additionally, our community is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the area's natural resources, including parks, trails, and outdoor recreational areas so that residents can take full advantage of the region's scenic beauty and outdoor activities for many years.

As for raising a family, our community’s leadership understands the importance of creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for children and families. Investing in education, healthcare, childcare, and family-friendly amenities ensures that Harrison is a place where families can thrive, and children grow up happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Our city’s vision for Harrison is one of excellence and opportunity. By creating a vibrant economy, providing ample opportunities for recreation enjoyment, and nurturing a supportive and family-friendly community, I’m determined we can make Harrison the best small town in America to work, play, and raise a family.

Jerry Jackson moved to the community in 1980 and was voted Mayor in 2018. He ran and won re-election in 2022. Email info@harrisonar.gov to contact the mayor’s office.


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