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Scout completes Eagle Scout project


Last year, Life Scout Samuel Earnest approached the City of Harrison CFO Luke Feighert about an Eagle Scout project to add trail etiquette signs around Lake Harrison.

Mayor Jerry Jackson said, “We are proud of Samuel Earnest and Troop 60. These trail etiquette signs look great and should make it easier for runners, walkers, and bikers to co-exist on the same trails so everyone can enjoy the beauty of downtown Harrison.”

When the project began, Sam was a sophomore at Harrison High School and 15. As a cross-country runner, Sam saw the need for signs on the trails around Lake Harrison to remind participants of courtesy and safety rules for all who enjoy walking, running, or biking on the trail.

“I’m a cross-country runner, and often people on electric bikes will zoom by us without announcing themselves, and someone could be injured if there is a collision,” Sam said during an interview last summer. “I also wanted to remind people to pick up their trash and clean up after their pets to keep it nice for everyone.”

Sam took a couple of months doing all the planning for this project. Then, the plan was presented to the Scouts of America leadership for approval. Then, he had to meet with city officials and the City Council.

“That was intimidating, but they were all in favor,” Sam said.

Sam’s dad, R.G. Earnest, said last summer, “Fundraising is also a part of each Eagle Scout project, and the city was gracious enough to cover the costs of the three signs, which was about $500.”

Troop 60 Scoutmaster Todd Anderson presented Samuel Earnest with a name plaque to add to the sign acknowledging his project. Mayor Jerry Jackson presented a letter to Anderson and Samuel for the Eagle Scout Board of Review stating the city had accepted and appreciated the completed project and would take over the maintenance of the signs.


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