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Signature Bank feels at home in Harrison


Some may think Signature Bank is a “new” bank for Harrison, but the partnership with the community has deep roots going back as far as the late King Gladden and the early days when Community First Bank was formed.

Bank manager, Karlea Newberry said, “I’ve been working with Signature Bank since 2011 and moved back to Harrison with my family about nine months ago.”

Tori Bogner, Signature Bank marketing director said, “Karlea is being humble. She’s a big part of why we are over here. She’s taken a big leadership role and has a lot of the weight on her shoulders to make this a success.”

“I made the call and said, ‘If you’ve been thinking about opening a Harrison location, now might be the right time,’ and they agreed,” Newberry said.

“Signature Bank had a previous relationship with Community First Bank (CFB),” Newberry explained. “Gary Head, our current chairman and CEO/president tells the story of how the bank was started in the conference room of CFB. He and King Gladden had a long standing friendship and CFB helped back Signature Bank. CFB was the loan production office for Signature Bank for about a year, before we got our own bank charter. We have shareholders here and also have a friendship and standing history with Dave Morton. He played a big part when he was with Community First Bank.”

Newberry tells the story of riding around town with Jim Harp from Weichert Realty looking at possible locations for a temporary office. He happened to mention the drive-thru window was still on the north side of the building of the Durand Center at Crockett Tower back when the facility was another bank.

So plans to remodel for a temporary location of 3,000 square feet began. Then when the County was considering leasing or purchasing the Durand Center, the plans were placed on pause.

“We knew we would outgrow the original plans too quickly,” Newberry said. “We needed more space. But with the County considering leasing the building we had to wait and see what was going to work out. It was nerve wracking at first. It worked out for the best for us, and we were able to acquire additional square footage. I hope it will work out well for the County and they get something that fits all of their needs,” Newberry said.

“We are open for customers and completely full service. The only thing we don’t have right now is a drive thru and ATM. We refund all ATM fees so customers can use their debit cards wherever they need to. Kandi Rowland is our lender. She can help assist with consumer, commercial and mortgages. Cheryl Keymer is our assistant manager and Michelle McAlister is our retail banker and opens accounts, transactions and any needs a customer may have.”

Currently they are a staff of five, but will have 10 offices to fill, and look forward to growing.

“We are glad to have Dave Morton in our office guiding us as we open this location,” Newberry said. “He has a lot of experience opening banks and we are thankful to have him consulting with our staff.”

“Dave knows what to watch for. What worked and what didn’t,” Bogner said. “Signature Bank talks about the ‘customer experience.’ We know how to make this unlike any other bank. Signature Bank is not just another bank. There is a difference.”

“Signature Bank is excited to bring their style of banking and support the community as it grows. We wanted to be here to help do that,” Newberry said.

The lobby hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The address is 303 N. Main Street, Suite 100. The phone number is 877-888-8550.





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