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Surge-Tech committee sees excitement

Reporter plows over doc


It’s been dangerous to be my friend or companion lately. Last week I was attending a Program Advisory Committee meeting for Surgery Technology at North Arkansas College. I may need to back up. I don’t have my surg-tech credentials, nor am I a doctor or nurse, so you won’t be seeing me in the operating room —  unless I’m reporting. Several years ago, I was asked to be the “community person” who basically knows nothing about performing surgery, but can be in attendance to represent the community. To retain the Surge-Tech certification, this committee meeting has to be held at least annually. 

It’s been such an interesting meeting. I’ve heard terms and names of procedures and pieces of equipment that I had no idea even existed. But these are very good-paying jobs in the medical field and there is a national shortage for skilled labor in these areas. (If I was only younger … )

The committee gets to read or hear comments from students, from the operating room directors where they worked and students get to evaluate the program. Of course program director John Graves wants to hear suggestions from the professionals who worked with the students and get suggestions for new equipment to practice with, or scheduling specific classes, etc. (It’s interesting!)

So anyway, one of the perks of getting doctors and nurses (and a member of the community) to attend is a great lunch. After our meeting last week, Graves invited us to take home some of the extra food. Well, I knew I could score big points if I took a barbeque brisket sandwich home to hubby. So I was in line at the back of the room preparing his sandwich. Dr. Laura Berry (PHD) and surgeon Dr. Andrew Coble were right behind me talking about something. 

I was about to add sauce to his sandwich when something happened and I started flying and falling all at the same time. I can still see the horrified look on Dr. Berry’s face as I began to plow over her like a football linebacker. As I hit the floor on my knees I saw a strip of brisket on the floor in front of me. (I should have prayed while I was on my knees.) 

It’s interesting. It seemed to happen in slow motion, but I couldn’t stop or change the outcome. So there’s Dr. Berry laying on the floor beside me. My knees take my clumsy abuse all the time, so I knew I was fine. But I was worried about her and immediately put my attention there.

She claimed she was fine, just concerned about her titanium knee. Well, if you’re going to have an emergency —  what better time than in a room full of medical personnel … and thankfully only one reporter who was occupied at the moment.

Dr. Coble immediately assisted Dr. Berry and aside from being light headed she was fine.

I’m not sure how she felt later, but we sat there for a while until we walked her to her office. I told her staff to watch over her because I had just bulldozed her down —  accidentally of course.

I still feel terrible this happened. Graves said he saw what happened and it just looked like I got tangled up in my own feet. I think I remember a shoe feeling like it got stuck on the carpet but I really don’t know what happened. It just did.

Imagine my delight when Dr. Berry walked into the newsroom this week —  no visible wounds, crutches or weapons. Instead she had a bright smile and wanted to check on me and assure me she was fine.

When I read in the Bible that we will fall at the feet of Jesus Christ, I hope it’s not my normal style of falling —   with screaming and food flying. 

In all seriousness, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some “famous” people before. But I’ve never met someone so important that I felt the need to humble myself immediately to my knees. Songs have been written about that first look into the face of Jesus Christ, and what we will do. I can’t even “imagine it” (Sorry … song title pun). 

But I do know it will be amazing. My Savior. The Creator of the World. The one who loved me so much He died for me —  when I didn’t deserve to be rescued in my sin. It’s even more amazing that He knows me so well, and still loves me. He knows when I sin, when my pride flairs up, when envy kicks in, jealousy, and a host of other sins. My sins are just as bad as the worst murderer, thief, kidnapper or rapist. Sin is just sin. “For all have sinned, and we’ve all come short of the glory of God.” 

So watch out when you’re in my proximity. My gracefulness could be testing your ability to stand. I guess I should carry a sign, “Clumsy, but forgiven sinner coming through!”


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