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When all you can do is wait


I’m a go-go-go kind of person and it’s not easy to be told I have to wait. I feel like someone has picked me up under the arms and my feet are still at a running speed, but I’m not getting any traction or distance.

Wednesday morning last week, I was headed to a meeting to cover at 8:30. I turned on the water in my bathroom, and there was none. I went to the kitchen. Then I tried hubby’s bathroom. No water anywhere upstairs. I needed a shower. So I called a business close by that I knew was open to see if it was a city-wide loss of water. Nope. They had water. So I started gathering some stuff to go to the church and shower there. Well, I needed something that was downstairs, so I headed down there and heard water running. I looked at the foot of the stairs and several inches of water were sitting on top of the carpet. I looked into the den and it too was covered in water.

Of course I screamed for help. Thus started the day. 

When we lived in the country we survived a few floods. One time it was a poor retaining wall design. One time the bottom of the water heater rusted out and flooded the basement. We’ve even had two previous floods at our current home. The last flood got the den carpet and hubby replaced it with waterproof tile. Then we put some area rugs over that to make it more comfortable. 

So I got back-up to cover the 8:30 meeting. I knew this would take a while. But little did I know what else was in store for us. In the past, the noisy shop vac would work for hours soaking up water. Well, I’ve had enough experience doing stories on clean-up/restoration services to remember what I told myself. If another flood ever happens — they get the call.

They guys came out and started vacuuming up water. That’s the best way to describe it. Big fans and dehumidifiers were put in place and the process began to dry out everything.  

Downstairs we have a nice size guest room, utility room, a den, a workshop, bathroom and an area I would have to call a “junk magnet.” Don’t laugh. I bet you have a space like that too.

Well in my area it’s called the Rowdy Room, which stores stuff from the Rowdy Raccoon days of my children’s book (which by the way is being revived for Audible). There is/was a water softener which we learned from the plumber had a problem and blew up during the night —  pouring 4,500 gallons of water into our basement. Every room, closet and space in the basement had been touched with nice clean water. (See there is some good news to this story.)

Another blessing was the fact we were home. Just the week before we spent the night in Springdale with one of our sons to see a Natural’s Baseball game. And of course our guests were thankful it hadn’t happened while they were here!

By Friday, our air went out, but was not flood related. But that had changed the humidity factor in the house and when the pros returned to check the walls, they weren’t dry enough to remove the equipment. So the fans and humidifiers ran all weekend. 

There’s so much stuff I need to decide — throw away, keep, or give away and I can’t begin that process. The only thing we’ve done is try to salvage a tub full of floppy disks which have lots of band, choir and camp photos on them … and probably some old newspaper photos. The lid of that plastic tote either wasn’t secure or opened during the flood and it was totally full of water. The guys had to carry it out in the yard and dump out the water. Of course I regret not taking the time years ago to go ahead and transfer those memories to my computer. 

I thought I was ok as we went through them, but a few tears did slide down my face — probably just left over flood water. (The disks are currently enjoying some time in a huge container of rice and I will try to transfer them if that’s possible after they dry. Stay tuned!)

Have I learned anything? Yes. Don’t put anything off. That includes organizing the “junk” room — oops I mean precious treasure room, But that also has an eternal theme to it, too. In 50 years or less, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying eternity. The lost photos won’t matter to me at all. (Sorry boys). But that’s because I’ve already prepared for eternity. Eternity will happen for all of us. We are born with the choice of where we spend eternity. This life is just the beginning of the rest of our existence. 

I’m grateful this was just “stuff” and no loss of life. If the walls end up having to be replaced, then we will deal with that. And I know God will give my broken elbow which is healing, the ability to help with the clean up … eventually. Maybe that’s what we are waiting on. 

Anyway, don’t wait too late to make the right decision about eternity. It is coming. And you will remember the opportunities you passed up to pick Heaven as your destination. God loves you so much, he’s the best choice! Make today your day of salvation. Please let some good come from my procrastination disaster.


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